About me

Giuseppe Salerno is an Italian Graphic Designer and Calligrapher. He graduated at the Albe Steiner Institute of Torino. He’s studied calligraphy since he was young and continues to study and develop various new styles. He loves working with brushes and gouache. In the 2008 he met Paco González and they both founded the design studio Resistenza.es in Valencia. It is a small studio focusing on branding, calligraphy, lettering and typographic works. He also organizes workshops in various European cities to teach calligraphy. He has worked and lived in different cities throughout the last decade: Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Madrid, and Valencia. This has inspired him and his art immensely, traveling is his way of receiving new typographic inspirations from other cultures. Every country, every city visited, has resulted in a new creative project. His inspiration flows from those around him.